Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running Towards a Half Marathon

Hola bloggies!

I wanted to take a departure from my usual food blogging to talk about one of my HUGE goals for this year - to run the Royal Victoria Half Marathon on October 11th, 2009!

This will not only be my first half but also my second race ever (I ran a 10k last year). To that end I've decided that this calls for a proper training regime. I didn't really follow a solid plan when training for the 10k but I don't think I can get away with the same for the half.

So I've decided I'm going to increase my mileage. Slowly. But. Surely. :o)

You see I've not run much lately. In this part of the Rockies it's been cold for the most part, ridiculously windy, and rainy off and on. Not really running weather. But the time has come . . . by my calculations I'm 21 weeks from the race and thus I'm planning for 20 weeks of training.

This is the plan:

First I will complete an eight week 10K Novice Training Program

Once I've upped my mileage I will complete the twelve week 1/2 Marathon Novice Training Program

And to make myself all the more accountable I've decided I'm going to start sharing my progress via my Nike+ (time to dust off my old friend) widget on the side. Look for this little guy (If you're reading this in Google Reader, you'll have to pop on over to the site to look at the widget. Go ahead! I'll wait!):

I'm doing this in the hopes of keeping myself accountable and also so you bloggies will help cheer me on! :o)

And so it begins . . .

PS: Today's schedule called for a 2.5 miler - so I happily obliged!


Julie said...

i loveeee the nike+ :) i use it too! you're gonna do great on the halfsies!!

Chic Runner said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY CONGRATS!!!!!!! first off, obviously I'm your biggest supporter ha ha. So go for it! Kick butt! and the nike + is AMAZING! :) you'll love it!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Thanks for the support! :oD And yup I used to use the Nike+ and for some reason I stopped. Largely 'cause I stopped running too! lol

Bad me!

Hope you're coming alone on your decision!


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!! LOL Your comment made me smile! :oD

I'm excited! It's like a new motivation with a training plan. Plus this public accountability thing works wonders! :oP

Jenn said...

That's so exciting! I used the same training programs for my 10km and half marathon -- I love hal. AND my Nike+. You're going to be awesome!

Gotta love when Paula tells you that you burned a serious amount of calories. I wish I could make it also say "So have a cupcake!".

A Toronto girl out West said...


Woohoo! Glad to know someone else has used the same programs! I figured it was way better than running aimlessly! :oP

LOL Hilarious comment on the Nike+ voice! I never thought of that but yes saying "So go have a cupcake" would be BRILLIANT!!!

Marlene said...

Hello to a fellow Canadian blogger! Just found you via Aron's blog.

Good luck in your training towards a half marathon this fall. Sounds like a good plan and can't wait to read about your training!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Yaaaaaaayyy another Canadian blogger!!! I'm so thrilled you found me! :oD

I'm going to head over to your blog and check it out STAT!

aron said...

wooo you are going to do GREAT!!! cannot wait to follow along :)

A Toronto girl out West said...


Thanks!!! :o) I'm SUPER excited! It's like a renewed focus. Plus when I get tired while running I can remind myself what I'm running towards!

Maybe I'll even get faster by October too! :oP