Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Morning!!!!!!!! :o)

Hola bloggies!

Today is  a fun and exciting day!!! My Birthday!!!!!!!! :o)

Yes, I am still getting over H1N1 and I have a horrible cough. But that doesn't matter today. Today is for celebrating! I'm a blessed chicky and I know it - I have my health (almost), friends, family, a new puppy, a Fiance that loves me, a great career, and everything in the world to look forward to!

This morning started off with lots of love courtesy of the Fiance and my parents. Both of them did their part in playing Las Mananitas for me. It's a mariachi song that's traditionally played on the morning of special occasions - like my birthday! :o)

This is the Topo Gigio version - but you get the idea:

When I was last in Toronto (in September) my parents gifted me most of my birthday presents. Their gifts included cookbooks, wine glasses, and kitchen gadgets! PLUS my mom took my sister and I out for a very fancy pants high tea to celebrate. But since my parents are all kinds of awesome they made sure I had something to open today. :o)

They sent a special care package containing challah bread (which you can't get here unless you drive 5 hours away) so that I could make my special birthday French toast. And a wonderful inscribed book in lieu of a card

Have you guys read it? It's a lovely children's book all about how creatures great and small rejoiced on the night you were born.

My favourite part is where it says that the polar bears stayed up dancing all night on the night you were born. And that's why they're sleeping when you visit them at the zoo - they're tired. :o)

It was so sweet and touching I may or may not have shed a few tears! Gracias Mom and Dad - I loved it!!! :o)

The Fiance also gave me a card - the cutest part of which was the signature line! lol

Makes me smile! :o) Gracias Fiance and Daisy!!! After the card the Fiance gave me my present. I believe you may have met her before:

Yup - it's Daisy!!! :o)

When the Fiance asked me back in October what I wanted for my Birthday I didn't miss a beat. I asked for a puppy. We set out looking for the perfect fur baby and found our Daisy. She was ready to come home two weeks ahead of my birthday and I wasn't one to turn down an extra 14 days of puppy cuteness. Daisy is the best birthday present ever!!!!

Once Daisy had shaken off her bow (she really wasn't a fan) we set about making my Birthday brunch, starring the challah bread:

Which turned into this absolutely delicious meal:

Thus far I've had a completely relaxing birthday. I feel loved and special - so thank-you to my parents, my Fiance, and all my friends who have sent me Facebook messages and Tweets! They mean a great deal to me and have made me smile.

Thank-you for the love peeps! Thank-you for the love! :o)

Now I'm off to partake in some birthday yoga before sitting down for my birthday feast (featuring lobster - yum)!

Catch you later friends!!! :o)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!! so glad that you're having so much love in this special day for you! :) have fun!

Katie ♥ said...

Happy birthday!!!! Your puppy is adorable!!!!!!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Jocelyn said...

how did I miss that you had H1N1? Glad you are getting better! Happy birthday :) Looks like a lot of fun

That Pink Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Youuuu! Hope you get WELL for your birthday present!

Arcane said...

Happy Birthday! sorry to hear about the flu. Glad you're getting over it though.

A Toronto girl out West said...


Thanks! It turned out to be a great day! :o)


lol Thank-you lady!


lol No worries. Thankfully it's passed. And I hear I have a life-time immunity now. Score! :oP


God must have been listening to you - I'm feeling a million times better!


Muchas gracias for the well wishes! :o)

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

So cute that your parents sent you bread to make french toast with on your birthday :) Can you believe I've never had challah before?