Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hot Sprung

Hola peeps!

So last night I called my mom and the first thing she said was "Hmph! I have to learn you almost died from your blog?!?!" Oops!! Apparently it's bad form to tell the world before you tell your parentals. But I didn't think there would be any use in calling her at midnight Toronto time to say I almost died.

Anywho - sorry mom!

And now that we've dealt with that let's move on to happier things. Last we left off we were travelling through the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Cue more awesome scenery.

By this point it was almost lunch and we were starved. There wasn't much open (lots of places only open on weekends when tourists are around) but we managed to find a place.

I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasently surprised. For appetizer I had a cup of their homemade clam chowder. It was a little low on clams but totally delish!

For my main course I chose a Greek salad. Massive heaps of veggies!!! Yum!!!

I think my eyes were bigger than my belly since I only ate half and gave the rest to the Fiance. Mostly I was trying to avoid feeling too full since our next stop was the Hot Springs in Kootenay National Park.

Trust me when I say it's kind of awesome to sit in steamy mineral pools while enjoying mountain scenery!

These natural hot springs were first used by the Natives in the area but were eventually developed into the tourist attractions you see today. They've been popular for over a century and I can see why! There's nothing like the after glow of a hot springs dip!!

After the hot springs we started to make our way home but made sure to stop at my favourite scenic viewpoint. It did not dissapoint!

Le sigh.

Although I had a blast on my trip I was thrilled to be home. Especially since I was eager to cook up a Japanese soba noodle soup (with shrimp, tofu, mushrooms and spinach) using ingredients purchased on my trip.

The finished product was completely delicious. Even if I only ate half! lol That's a bit of a trend with me lately!


Right now we are heading on another adventure to Idaho and Washington for some shopping. I know it can seem like I never stay put but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

See you soon!


Unknown said...

How out west are you? I'm on Vancouver Island!! :)

Great photos. And i've gotten in trouble telling the world first, rather that mom... oops!!!

Have a great Saturday


postie said...

Yea not a good idea to not tell fiance's parents either. But the main point is that you did ok in the difficult moment. We do enjoy reading your blog.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

I've been to Radium before! I was probably like, 9 or 10 though. We went there with my mom, sister, and grandparents on the way to Edmonton (I think?) Lots of fun!

And you must tell me how you make that soba noodle soup. Mmm, soba.

Jasmine @ Eat Move Write said...

I think it sounds like terrific fun to "never stay put." Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

soba noodles look fab! i love soba!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I'm a Canadian as well living in Ontario right now but lived in the West for 3 years and grew up in the east - haha ...i want to go to a different country now though!
check out my Blog if you like and add me to you ROLL - I love new readers!! :)Cheers.