Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Surely most of you have heard about the note spreading around Facebook like wildfire! You write a note telling your friends 25 random things about you and then 25 of your friends have to reply with their random things. And so it goes!

Well last night I finally wrote my note so I thought I would share it with you and call it my morning post. :o) For the most part it's the exact same note I wrote on Facebook with a couple of slight modifications.

25 Random Things About Me

1) In my first week of articles (working as a Junior lawyer in training) two stun grenades were detonated mere feet from my office!

2) When I eat pretzels I scrape all the salt off of them, then I eat them

3)I got my driver's license at the ripe old age of 27

4)I was born in El Salvador

5)My family left El Salvador because of the civil war

6)It was all on the up and up - I was never an illegal immigrant

7)My favourite place in the whole world is a small mountain town called Gimmelwald in Switzerland

8)I think God must have taken an extra long time when making Switzerland - it's THAT beautiful!

9)Three years ago I weighed 215lbs

10)I will NEVER weigh that much again

11)2009 is the year I hope to run a half-marathon

12)The thought of running a marathon kind of terrifies me

13)The first thing I ever cooked/baked/made was a recipe for scones. It came out of an old Canadian Living Cookbook. It was from the page that featured Victoria (B.C.) and high tea

14)When I ended up in Victoria (B.C.), I remembered that cookbook and it made me smile :o)

15)When I was 22 I lived in Paris

16)I lived in Paris again a few years later

17)Those were the good old days

18)I love to stalk wedding photography blogs

19)I don't trust hairdressers in my current city - I'm not sure they should be allowed to wield scissors

20)My maternal great-grandmother is still alive - she's almost 100 and healthier than most 25 year olds

21) I lost several pounds during my crap-free week

22) I once went bungee jumping - but didn't know it was naked day (you got to do it for free if you jumped naked)

23) I saw more naked people than I ever wanted to see in my life that day

24) I paid $100 for the privilege of retaining my dignity (!!!)

25) This one is an addition recommended by my trainer: Several years ago I was running with my trainer and I tore my ankle ligaments two-minutes into a run. I pushed through for another half an hour. Because I'm that hard-core! :oP

So now you know a bit more about me! How about you? What are 25 random things about you? I think it would be fun for bloggers to play this so I am going to suggest that whomever writes the note tag five more bloggers. They then have to write their notes and tag three more!

Got it? :o)

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Every Gym's Nightmare said...

gah- i dont know if i could think of 25!

Loved learning more about you- thanks for sharing!

Kelly Turner

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tag!! i just did mine :) <3

Sarah said...

ahhh, yours are so good!! this is gonna take me some time ...

A Toronto girl out West said...

Every Gym's Nightmare,

You should try it! It's kind of fun to see what you come up with! :o)


Your list was beyond awesome!!! Yaaaay you!


Take your time - we'll wait! :oP

aron said...

thank you for the tag! i WILL get to this i promise :)