Friday, February 20, 2009

I Carry a Torch for You

Yesterday, I hung out with some furry friends . . . Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots! It still makes me laugh to think how excited I was. You parade an overgrown stuffed animal in front of me and I turn into a five year old. Hahaha love it.

The Olympic Torch was also present at yesterday's celebration. One of the great things about being the second largest country in the world is that you have a lot of room. A lot of room! As a result, the torch relay for 2010 Olympics will be the longest torch relay to take place in one country. That means that the vast majority of the population will be less than an hour drive away from a relay route:

Wouldn't it be so very cool to see the torch go by? Definitely. You know what would be better!?!?! To carry it yourself!!! That's right - Canadians have the opportunity to enter one of two contests (run by Coca-Cola and The Royal Bank of Canada respectively) to carry the torch. You can find all the information for how to enter HERE.

I for one think it would be crazy amazing to start a blog entry with "I went for a run today . . . with the Olympic Torch." Too. Cool. for. Words.

Still not sure you'd like to enter? Maybe this video will change your mind. Behold and be inspired:

Go ahead! Enter! You've nothing to lose and something huge to gain! Hopefully in 2010 you'll see this Toronto Girl out West on the relay route!

Happy Friday :o)


Every Gym's Nightmare said...

thats so cool! i wanna hold the torch. id probably drop it though

Kelly Turner

A Toronto girl out West said...

lol I got to hold the unlit torch but I imagine I'd be really nervous if it was fire from Greece! lol :oP

Tom said...

Yes carring the torch would be a dream come true. It would be awesome if I got to carry it in Victoria as it will be coming through on my last day of work before retirement. Im trying all I can to get selected.

A Toronto girl out West said...


That would be incredible!!! PLUS you'd end up in all the news because the relay starts in Victoria.

Does it start at Mile 0?