Monday, February 9, 2009

Intro to my Crap-Free Week of Eating

Just a quick check-in.

My weekend getaway was very relaxing in a simply gorgeous location. The weather really cooperated this weekend and the mountains were am. az. ing! My camera does not do the mountains justice but they looked something like this:

Kind of spectacular, huh?! Le sigh . . .

Anywho - now I'm back to my usual grind. I had a good day back in court, entered Oh she Glows Valentine's Day contest, and loaded up on groceries so I can officially start my crap-free week.

I think I'll have to modify the rules to allow myself to consume Crystal Light. It's a weakness of mine. Bad . . . I know.

So here are the rules:

1) I will eat three square meals and minimize snacking

2) I will not consume any caffeine

3) I will not consume any dairy

4) I will not consume any refined carbohydrates

5) I will say buh-bye to my morning cereal

6) I will not eat any junk food

I have to head to the kitchen and prep tomorrow's meal. That's the thing about crap-free eating. It takes discipline and organization. But it all pays off and hopefully in the end it will feel more like second nature!

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