Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lunch Yuminess Update

I was looking through this morning's post and noticed I somehow completely managed to forget to post the picture of yesterday's lunch! :oO

Don't know why because I thought it looked particularly inviting. Above is my spinach, mushroom, oven roasted turkey, and tomato stir-fry (without the sauce) and a side of oatmeal bread toast with a small piece of goat's milk feta.

Now I have to run back to the office (I came home for lunch - it's one of the really good things about living in a small city). I'll be back later with tales of my first Green Monster. As a heads up I was VERY impressed! Now let's see if it holds the hunger at bay!


Diana said...

I can't wait to hear about the Green Monster!

Leah said...

Lunch looked great!
I found your blog thru as your title "Toronto Girl out West" screamed out to me! I'm Canadian as well.. from Ontario too :)

But I live in England..

Just wanted to say hi! Love your blog!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I'm all done with dinner so I'll post about the Green Monster soon! :o)


I'm so happy you stopped by! I'm all about Ontario peeps in other places. Hence me being out West!

Do you blog too? :o)

A Toronto girl out West said...

lol I just scrolled down!

I'm TOTALLY going to check out your blog! :o)