Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today is a GOOD Day!!!

Today is a GOOD day! Scratch that - Today is a GREAT day!

A year ago I found myself in the depths of despair. Easily the lowest point I'd ever found myself in.

It took a lot of work. A lot of prayer. A lot of support (from friends and loved ones - to whom I will always be indebted to). A lot of tears. And even some therapy. But I got through it.

Today is proof that when people say "This too shall pass" they're not lying. I made it through and I'm in a wonderful place today!

I am happy!
Today I am grateful - to my friends, my mom, my boy, and my God!

So on with my day - full of smiles. Stay tuned later on for my re-cap of CFW and yesterday's food journal.

Today's workout schedule:

40 minutes yoga
20 minute running intervals