Thursday, February 26, 2009

Inspired by Dane from The Biggest Loser - Becoming a Runner

Last night I was feeling kind of ill in my belly so I didn't post about my eats. No worries though I'll cover all of that this morning!

But let's start with a moment that TOTALLY caused me to choke up last night. Most of you probably know that I love watching The Biggest Loser. I find it inspirational. I love seeing people change their lives! Mind you I haven't enjoyed this season quite as much - that was until last night.

On yesterday's episode a player named Dane was voted out. In a short time at the ranch he managed to lose 100lbs!!! At the end of the show he was sent home. Likely because he was the biggest threat. Although I was sad to see him go I was thrilled to see what he accomplished when he got home.

Once Dane was home he ran a marathon in under four hours with his beautiful wife. Seeing them cross the finish line together totally made me choke-up! (If you're reading this in google reader head on over to the blog and watch the video - I'll wait :o) )

Not only did this cause me to get emotional but it reinforced something - I want to run a half marathon!!! Yesterday, I posted that the thought of running a marathon of any kind sort of terrifies me. But that doesn't matter. I want to prove to myself that I can do it! And I will do it!

So stay tuned for future posts as I attempt to turn myself into a half-marathoner!!

And now on to yesterday's eats . . .

On the whole I have to admit that my stomach felt largely upset yesterday. I wasn't feeling the whole eating thing. I hope I'm not catching something. Anywho, yesterday's breakfast consisted of a small bowl of Kashi cereal and bananas eaten at work.

Lunch was actually kind of yummy. I came home and made a quick little stir fry (no sauce added) of spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and oven-roasted turkey slices. I paired that with a slice of toast. And imagine my surprise when I read Angela's blog (Oh she Glows) and I saw she had a very similar lunch. Great minds! :oP

By dinner I was feeling really yucky. I kind of picked at my dinner which consisted of sauteed ground beef, tofu, mushrooms, and broccoli.

During the day I snacked on grapes at work and a Skinny Cow ice-cream cup after dinner. The latter because I managed to convince myself that something sweet would make my stomach happy! HA!! :oP

And here comes the medicinal Skinny Cow! Ahahha . . .

That's it for yesterday. Today I'm feeling slightly better but I may baby my tummy and stay away from things like difficult to digest protein. For breakfast I think I'll make my first ever Green Monster!!! I'll show you how that went later!

Hope you have a good day - and remember - tomorrow is Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

ah i love the biggest loser too! i know, its like if they can do it I can do it! good luck with your half marathon goals! i am signed up to run a 10k in april and im nervous!

Rick said...


Rick said...

First of all congrats on you desire to become a runner. I never thought I could do it either. Running a Marathon was one of the toughest but most rewarding things I have ever done. Anybody can run a marathon if your willing to put in the time and effort. I run in a large group and there are 250lb 50 yr old woman that do it with me. They don't run fast but they have unbelievably heart and determination.

I was shocked to see the time reported by Dane as 3:53 for a full marathon. I am on my fifth marathon and am just getting to break 4 hours. I was more shocked after doing some research to learn Dane did not complete the entire marathon, that him and his wife were picked up in a van and driven to the finish line. One runner who ran over 6 hours says Dane was behind her the entire time. I point this out because I don't want someone to think they can train for three months and then run a marathon that successfully. Dan probably could have finished had he not taken the van but in reality it would have been closer to 7 hours.

Krista said...

I'm addicted to the Biggest Loser, too! I thought sending Dane home at this point was a huge mistake for the blue team. He pulled some pretty big numbers! Anywho, he looked great and I was so glad he finished that marathon! Talk about inspiring! Do you find the contestants this seaon to be overly emotional? I want to kcik some of them in the butt!!

manaox2 said...

Rick isn't lying. Dane got picked up by producers and driven three miles by the producers in a Van. He was disqualified in the race in which it would have taken him closer to 7:00 instead of the nearly 4:00 NBC claimed he made (that would almost put him in the winners list if he had done that). He claimed he had run the whole time beside his wife, who then contradicted him to tell the truth. NBC knew the whole time.

The show itself makes me sick as it doesn't give proper health tips on how they are trained and have advertisements in the show even with the giant commercial breaks.

I've lost over 100 pounds myself in the past. This show isn't a good influence IMO, you'll hurt yourself perhaps permanently if you don't know what your doing.

Diana said...

I LOVE The Biggest Loser too and yes I thought Dane was truly inspirational last night! I always cry when I see them after the ranch and they are doing so great!
...I also agree that the participants AND trainers are overly emotional this season. I think Mandy has CRIED almost EVERY episode! I still love the show and will continue to watch!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


You can do it!! I ran my first 10K last year and I was surprised at how well I did! :o)


OMG YES!!!!!!! WHAT is with the water works!?!? lol Seriously? Although the season with the two brothers was also really weepy! lol That one made uncomfortable.


I agree with you on all fronts - it's the inspiration that keeps me coming back!


That's some serious SHIFTY behaviour going on. I'll have to look into that . . .

Maybe that helps to explain why the online version of the video (versus the one last night) makes no mention of Dane's time. Mmmmm . . .

I think the show as a whole is WONDERFUL! But I do think, unfortunately, that there are some people leave the ranch and fall back on their old-ways hardcore! Look for some info I have on that in an upcoming post!

Lindsay said...

omg i cant believe this - its so scandalous! when i read these comments i was like oh no... makes you wonder, doesn't it? ay yi yi... ;)

The Happy Runner said...

Good for you for shooting for a half-mary! That is terrific! Running is awesome.

A Toronto girl out West said...

The Happy Runner,

Yaaaay half mary! :o) I'm excited plus I just love that term!


I know, eh!? I was reading up and apparently he ran about half of it and then the van came and drove him to the end so they could fill him crossing the finish line. Then they were supposedly driven back to the race course where they finished 3 miles.

I'm sure Dane didn't purposely intend to deceive everyone. They should have just portrayed it as he ran a race. Not saying he completed it and not saying the time. I'm sure they'll learn . . .

Trish said...

You totally could do a marathon! Just think of all the people who have done it before you - and remind yourself that if they can do then you can, too. :-)