Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coming Out as a Food Blogger

I started off the day with good intentions. I made a wonderful bowl of oatmeal. It was autumn inspired and contained honey, pumpkin puree, apples, sunflower seeds, vanilla, and a splash of Almond Breeze. I packed it all up with plans to eat my oatmeal at work.

And then I didn't. I drove all the way to court (I was in a far away locale today), walked in and immediately started to work. It really didn't allow time for me to eat my beautiful oatmeal. Boo! So instead I just ate a piece of fruit.

It worked out alright in the end though. I was so busy I barely had a chance to notice I was hungry. That was until I stopped. And then I knew I needed some food to satiate my mungriness (mad hungry)! A bunch of us headed to a lovely Lakeside restaurant. I have only visited in the winter but it's lakeside locale tells me it will be beautiful in the summer!

The great thing about this restaurant is the fact that they serve a small but well-done lunch buffet. It's not really about going back time and time and time again. It's more about being able to make a choice about what you want to eat. Today's buffet featured some nice salads, a really yummy home-made tomato sauce with some lovely tomato chunks, a baked ham, and some other carbolicious goodies I avoided. I was quite pleased with my lunch; I paired my food selections with a small whole-grain bun. Num num num!

I was kind of hoping for a dessert but they only had cake and cheesecake. The waitress was SUPER kind and had the chef made up a fruit cup just for me! It was especially well presented and I think that may have something to do with the fact that one of my co-workers said "Make it pretty! It's picture is going on the internet!" lol :oO That's right! My food blogging ways are now common knowledge.

Up to this point I had avoided taking pictures in front of my co-workers. But really running back to my office to take a picture, only to re-emerge 10 seconds later wasn't so much fun. So today. In a public place. With co-workers around. I took pictures of my food! :o) You can be that everyone was full of questions. "Food blogging? Did I hear this right?" or "What's food blogging?" and then there was my favourite "You want to take a picture of my food!?!?" LOL Yes there was some ribbing but it was all in good fun. And on the whole I have to say people were really supportive. One of the people at the table even volunteered that he was most successful at losing weight when he kept a food diary so he could totally see how this would work.

I was pleased with my outing! Now I can take pictures freely. Besides it got me this:

I gave the waitress a good tip. She took really good care of me! :o)

Eventually I got back to the office and had a quick afternoon snack. For some reason I got hungry quite early. Maybe the whole not eating breakfast thing threw my day off.

Shortly thereafter one of my co-workers, who happens to be retiring this week, popped her head into my office. She was kind enough to share her box of retirement chocolates. So I chose one (white chocolate lemony goodness) and made sure to savour it's uber-yummy filling.

Dinner tonight was quick and relatively straight-forward. A grilled chicken breast in a dry rub, spinach salad with tomatoes and a couple of mists of dressing, a tiny bit of goat's milk feta, and half a whole wheat pita toasted. 'Twas good indeed!

All in all it was a good day - best of all because I can take pictures of my food with my co-workers around. The secret is out! I'm a food blogger and proud of it! Work it girl! :oP

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Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

oh my. i love it when im out with friends and they say "did you take a picture of your food?" and im like "yes, i always take pictures of my food you dont have to remind me!!" lol

A Toronto girl out West said...

lol Yeah I think I'm going to have them asking questions like that all the time! Heaven forbid I forget my camera! :oP

Krista said...

A restaurant that caters like that has to be a good one! That's some nice looking fruit!!!

People are used to my picture taking now, but in the beginning there were certainly a lot of questions!!

HangryPants said...

Now that the secret's out everyone will remind you take pictures and probably start giving you things to try and take pictures of!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I know, eh!? I was TOTALLY impressed that they went out of their way to accommodate my healthy living approach!!!

Hangry Pants,

I'm kind of looking forward to the whole picture taking in front of co-workers things. Anything to keep me in the straight and narrow! :o)