Friday, February 13, 2009

When you Take Pictures of your Food

Yesterday the boy and I were sitting down to dinner and I proceeded to grab my camera and get ready to climb on top of my chair to take a picture of my food (HA! Do you roll like that?)

Boy: *funny look with a scrunched up nose* What are you doing?

Me: Taking a picture of my food! *said all nonchalant*

Boy: *silence . . . and a puzzled look*

Me: LOTS of people do it!!!

Boy: Okay then - I'm going to ask all my co-workers to see how many of them take pictures of their food!

Me: lol - BUT they're not bloggers!!!

Needless to say the boy thinks this whole new taking pictures of food thing is a little strange! :oP I'm sure it will grown on him!

Anywho - off to the gym and then to work. Ciao bellas!!


Sarah said...

haha, you do what you have to for the best angle!! he'll get used to it :-)

as for blogger exchanged, you can always put out a call in one of your posts to do a trade with one person ... or just keep your eyes open for people doing exchanges on a bigger scale like the one lee organized here for v-day:

Sarah said...

(p.s. I'm Sarah from Tales of Expansion! The comment box wouldn't let me log in that way!)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Too funny. The whole blogging thing seems to be a mystery to those who don't do it themselves!

(So re: blogroll additions at Cranky Fitness--we usually add blogs that have us on their blogroll already too. Unless someone is a frequent commenter and doesn't have a blogroll. Sorry; should have explained that! Will check back; fun blog!)

A Toronto girl out West said...

My blog roll is now updated! :o)