Friday, February 27, 2009

Power Yoga in the Morning

Good morning bloggies!

I woke up this morning and finally decided to try a bit of my Rodney Yee - Power Yoga DVD. Since I have to head to work I only had time to do 30 minutes but wow!

I used to be one of those people that thought yoga was a lot of stretching. Over-hyped up stretching. I have long since changed my mind! Honestly I defy anyone to try a workout like this and not sweat. I'm pretty sure I'll feel it in my legs come tomorrow.

For now I have to take a shower, make today's Green Monster, and head to work. I'll finish the rest of the workout in the evening and then I'll be ready to review it! For now I'd say it's a great workout but probably not the best if you are just starting with yoga. I'm a relative new-comer to the practice but I'm managing. So far. lol We'll see what the next 40 some-odd minutes bring.

Have a happy day bloggies! It's Friday!!! :o)

PS: I took that picture, flat on my stomach on the grass. It's taken from a view point in Victoria, British Columbia looking across the Juan de Fuca Strait (essentially part of the Pacific) at the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. It sure was beautiful there!


Leah said...

That photo is gorgeous! My fiancé and I have been wanting to take a trip out to BC since we got together. Maybe someday!

There is so much yoga going around the blogworld these days! I'm glad you enjoy it!

postie said...

Yes the view is one of my favorites here in Victoria. Now to have a house across the street and see this everyday would be fantastic.

Hows the snow there in the Mountains?

A Toronto girl out West said...


BC is a BEAUTIFUL Province! I have sometimes told my BC peeps that I think they fail to realize that the rest of the country doesn't look like this!

It's not that Ontario isn't beautiful (because who doesn't love the beauty of Algonquin) but BC has an awesome diversity of stunning landscapes and seascapes!

And yup yoga is going really well - I'm going to do the 31 Days of Yoga challenge too!


Yeah that would be an AWESOME place to live!

And there hasn't been much snow here lately. A little bit of a dusting this week but both the streets and the mountains are surprisingly bare.

Sarah said...

wow, that is an amazing photo!
I visited victoria years ago with my family, and i remember lots and lots of gorgeous views!

A Toronto girl out West said...


It is a stunning place! That's pretty much the same view I had during my 10K last year too! :o)