Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roses are red . . . . (and day five)

So I'm happy to report that all the loveliness from our early Valentine's Day celebration carried over to the actual day. The boy still had to work but we took a bit of time in the evening to have a little bit of the dessert we didn't have after our sushi dinner.

But more on that later . . .

First I thought I would show you a better picture of the roses the boy gave me. I kind of love them!! I've never had roses with such long stems. In fact I had to go buy a whole new vase for them at my local Superstore.

Happily, I headed home with my purchase and proceeded to fill it with water. I kid you not it's so huge and so heavy that I was afraid I might break the table. But it's still standing!

As for what I ate - I have to admit I was still thrilled from my previous day's sushi. So much so that I decided to revisit it again. And again. Instead of having a normal breakfast I had some salmon sashimi style with a couple of slices of avocado and some pickled ginger:

I'm sure this kind of breakfast is acceptable somewhere. And it should be! It turns out that when you eat a breakfast like this you're not hungry at all . . . so I actually didn't really have lunch. I nibbled on a handful of dates but that was it. I just wasn't hungry. Besides I was too busy running around doing errands. And so when I came home I repeated the exact same meal for dinner.

Eventually I got to arranging our dessert. I decided that rather than make a cake or something baked I would instead pull out my trusty fondue pot and melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips for dipping strawberries. I also bought a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti; it's my go-to sweet sparkling wine.

I ate three chocolate dipped strawberries and two champagne flutes. So clearly, I've decided Valentine's Day is my exception day during CFW. Maybe my week will have 7 days in it. And yes that is "The Notebook" playing in the background. Could it be more perfect with it's ugly cry inducing mushiness!? I think not!

So that was CFW Day Five. So far so good. It's getting easier. I occasionally find myself wanting to reach for cheese but overall I'm alright. Plus I'm learning new things!! Stay tuned for my attempts at oatmeal breakfast cookies and my attempt at replicating Angela's Banana Bread Larabar knock-offs.

Now it's off to do some chores, do some yoga, and then off to work for a couple of hours. Yup, that would be work. On a Sunday. It turns out that some kinds of trials get priority over Sunday afternoon R&R.

See you soon!


Aimee said...

I love Asti! We have a bottle in the fridge but didn't get to open it this weekend!!

Thanks for refinding my blog, and you are right about there not being many healthy lawyers around :)

A Toronto girl out West said...


Nope and there needs to be more of us! :o)

To all,

I just noticed I said I ate two champagne flutes! AHAHAH Clearly not right! I DRANK two! :o)